Dandelion – Bullying is for people with no imagination

Dandelion is an original anti-bullying story by award-winning Digital Agency Protein One that encourages parents and children to discuss the issue of bullying. Dandelion does not offer a solution as bullying comes in many forms, yet Benjamin’s story communicates the importance of keeping your confidence when those around you aim to destroy it. Dandelion is available on the AppStore and published by randomhouse.com.au


Daisy Chain (Anti-bullying tale)

Kate Winslet narrates this beautiful anti-bullying tale that follows Buttercup Bree and her tale of magical Daisy Chains. Visit http://www.ilovedaisychain.com for more info.
This stunning animation features a beautiful voice over from the Academy Award winning actress, melodic soundtrack and compliments the Book and App available at the website.